Transparent Sun Screens and Blackout Roller Blinds for Marine Vessels

Transparent Sun Screens and Blackout Roller Blinds for Marine Vessels

Transparent Sun Screens and
Blackout Roller Blinds for Marine Vessels

Cruise Ships – Floatels – Oil Tankers – Container Ships – Tugs

Military – Oil Rigs – Supply Ships – any marine vessel!

If you need a Type Approved solar control solution for your marine vessel then talk to Solar Solve! We have been manufacturing window shades since 1975. We have a proven track record for QUALITY and RELIABILITY. Our SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV window shades are the world’s leading brand of marine window sunscreens.

SOLASOLV® Transparent Anti-Glare Sunscreens are the only transparent anti-glare sunscreens in the world that are Type Approved for marine use by THREE major type approval bodies – Lloyds, DNV-GL and ABS. Our transparent anti-glare sunscreens are a proven safety aid when installed at navigation windows. They reduce glare and heat caused by the sun to create a safer, more comfortable operational environment.

ROLASOLV® Fabric Blackout Roller Shades are Flame Retardant. They are the ONLY BRAND in the world Type Approved for use on all types of marine vessels. ROLASOLV® window shades turn day into night helping crew, guests and owners get valuable rest. Available in a range of colours to match your interior décor.

There has never been a better time to install SOLASOLV® screens on your vessel to ensure safer navigation and crew comfort.

SOLASOLV® Transparent Anti-Glare Sunscreens

There are significant economic and environmental arguments to reduce power consumption, eliminate wastage and increase energy efficiency within the marine and shipping industry. Products such as SOLASOLV® anti glare roller screens can  help achieve this by reducing demand on air cooling systems, helping to lower harmful CO2 emissions for a greener, cleaner environment.

SOLASOLV Sunscreens are used on Marine Vessels around the world!In additional to the environmental and cost saving benefits, the safety aspect of our Anti Glare screens is also extremely important. Safe operation of marine vessels is essential to ensure an incident-free workplace.

SOLASOLV® screens reduce up to 93% of glare and reflection from the sun and are ideal for windows on the navigation bridge, wheelhouse, control rooms, observation / operation rooms, and any windows where it is vital that navigators and operators have a completely clear outside view. They are also effective at rejecting glare that reflects off ice and snow and low winter sun.

By rejecting up to 87% of the sun’s heat SOLASOLV® screens create a pleasant and comfortable working environment on the bridge.

SOLASOLV Sunscreens are used on cruise ships around the world!International regulations and certification is well-covered within Solar Solve’s product range. Frequent inspections and audits from recognised classification bureaus and an effective internal quality system ensures top quality, reliable and effective products. SOLASOLV® is the only brand in the world to be Type Approved by DNV-GL, Lloyds and ABS. All products are custom made, instantly retractable, easy to install and simple to use.

Transparent Anti-Glare Sunscreens have a 7 year guarantee.


SOLASOLV Sunscreens on a ships bridge to help ensure safer navigation

Specify the SOLASOLV® brand by name – no alternative, to ensure your naval fleet have the most effective and reliable sun protection available for new builds, re-fits, upgrades and conversions….guaranteed to perform and maintenance free.









ROLASOLV® Fabric Blackout Roller Blinds

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ROLASOLV® Fabric Blackout Roller Blinds are Type Approved by DNV-GL and regularly specified for Floatels, Oil rigs, Gas platforms, FPSO’s, Supply ships and other offshore vessels. Our high performance fabrics have BS5438 flame spread certification and comply with the mandatory IMO (International Maritime Organization) FTPC Part 7 A.563(14) Resolution  – the main fire testing standard for Textiles and Films.

ROLASOLV® Fabric Blackout Roller Blinds are are suitable for most windows including guest cabins, crew quarters, theatres and other areas where blackout conditions are required. Ideal for night shift workers who need to get sleep during daylight hours.

SOLASOLV® Anti-Glare Transparent Sunscreens

Benefits and features of the PRODUCT

Improved visibility and safety − optimal glare protection with up to 93% reduction to ensure clear visibility and safer navigation / operation.

Type Approved – the only brand to be approved by Lloyds, DNV-GL and ABS.

True colours are retained – coloured identification lights and markers can be easily identified and are never distorted.

Reduced eye strain − problems with glare and reflection on electronic charts are eliminated so displays and dials are easier to read.

Improved working environment – create a more comfortable working environment and reduce air conditioning requirements. Up to 87% of the sun’s heat is rejected to help minimise crew fatigue.

Protects exposed areas of the body – at least 97% of harmful UV light from the sun is filtered.

Custom made – to each customers exact dimensions and specifications. Suitable for new buildings or retro-fits and most shapes, angles and sizes of windows.

Reliable performance – proven track record for outstanding performance since 1988.

Comply with marine regulations – ISO 8468, M Notice 760, MSSN No. 1419 1998.

Quality Assured products – all products are guaranteed. SOLASAFE® screens have a 7 year guarantee.

Choice of shade film colours – grey and bronze non-reflective films are ideal for military use.

Choice of aluminium profile colours – 400+ shades/colours.

Choice of operating systems – manual, electric, switch, remote controlled or battery.

Simple to use, quick and easy to install – one complete unit with comprehensive instructions. All fittings are supplied.

Instantly retractable – comply with IMO for “Removable Screens”.

Discreet cassette profile – neat, light-weight and unobtrusive headbox incorporating a ‘wipe clean’ brush system.

Free spare parts – with every order for peace of mind.

Maintenance free!


Benefits and features of the COMPANY

Quality Assured company – Solar Solve are a quality approved manufacturer to SSMQA standards.

Fast service – we offer a prompt and hassle free survey, quotation and ordering service.

Fast despatch – normally within 5 days but a ‘same day’ service is available for urgent orders.

Quality Assured products and service – we recognise that quality products and service can only be achieved by quality facilities and quality people to ensure maximum reliability and performance. Our continuous investment in people and facilities gives our customers confidence in the quality of Solar Solve products. Our staff take pride in their work and their reputation for quality. All products are manufactured in the UK using only high quality components.

Continuous improvement – Solar Solve has a policy of continuous improvement. Our staff learn the skills required to manufacture high quality, reliable products at our in-house Training Centre.

Technical Support Team – for questions and queries about installation, operation or wiring of a blind or screen then our experienced engineers and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist.

Installation Team – our experienced installation team can be deployed worldwide when a measure, survey or installation service is required.


Type Approved by Lloyds, ABS and DNV-GL

  Lloyds Type Approved                 ABS Type Approved                    DNV Type Approved

SOLASOLV® sunscreens are the only sun shades in the world to be Type Approved by Lloyd’s, ABS and DNV-GL to prove they meet the latest regulatory requirements.

More about SOLASOLV Sunscreens for Marine Vessels

The world is a big place. Different parts of the world refer to our products by different names. For example, in the UK our products are usually called Window Blinds. In the USA they are called Window Shades. Our SOLASOLV® products are different from most window blinds because you can see though them (they are transparent). Our transparent Window Blinds are also Anti-Glare to help reduce heat and UV light. For this reason, the name Transparent Anti-Glare Window Blinds or Transparent Anti Glare Window Shades are a much more accurate description. Taking this one step further, our main target market is the marine / maritime sector. Our Transparent Anti-Glare Window Blinds and Transparent Anti-Glare Window Shades are used in the navigation wheelhouse and navigation bridge on marine vessels, oil tankers, tug boats, naval vessels and other sea-going craft.

We also manufacture blackout Window Blinds and blackout Window Shades. This brand is called ROLASOLV®. These are also used in the marine / maritime sector on marine vessels, oil tankers, tug boats, naval vessels and other sea-going craft in non-navigation areas such as crew and guest accommodation and on floatels (floating hotels used for oil rig and gas platform accommodation). Our Blackout Roller Shades are Flame Retardant. They are the ONLY BRAND in the world that are Type Approved for use on all types of marine vessels. The flame retardant fabric used to make our ROLASOLV® blackout window shades are available in a range of colours to match new or existing interior décor.

Our products can also be called sunblinds for marine windshields or sunblinds for ships windshields. To be more accurate, the word Anti-Glare should be added to the front of the name to give Anti-Glare window shades for wheelhouse windshields or wheelhouse windows. Anti glare screens for wheelhouse windshields and roller screens for wheelhouse windshields or bridge windows is also another excellent way to describe our products.

The Film

The specialist shade film used in our Anti-glare transparent sunblinds is constructed using layers of polyester film. The film is dyed to reduce glare and the heat is rejected by the layer of aluminium laminated inside the polyester layers. A UV inhibitor is embedded in the polyester film to help eliminate most of the harmful UV light from the sun. GREY film is available with a scratch resistant coating.

Effective, reliable and durable

The shade film is mounted onto a heavy-duty aluminium roller inside an anodised aluminium cassette headbox with integral brush strip to protect from dust and dirt. The film is not affected by sub-zero temperatures, tropical heat or humidity. An important factor for roller screens that will be used in a wide range of environments. Non-cassette screens are also available.

Our experienced technical support team can work from drawings supplied if required.

We are suppliers of sunblinds to Cruise Liners, Shipping Companies, Oil Companies, the Ministry of Defence and other Navy’s around the world.


Solar Solve products are used on Floatels. What is a Floatel? A floatel is a floating hotel – home to thousands of off shore workers world wide. Solar Solve Blackout Roller Blinds are Flame Retardant for maximum safety and are the ONLY Roller Blinds that are Type Approved for use on off shore structures. Oil and gas companies want their crew to get the maximum amount of rest when they are off-duty. ROLASOLV® Blackout Roller Blinds turn day into night so crew can get restful sleep no matter what time it is. This is why ROLASOLV® Blackout Roller Blinds are specified by Oil and gas companies and are being installed on hundreds of oil rigs, gas platforms and other off shore structures all over the world.

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